The department was established in 1998 to increase and generate new financial resources for the university and now there is a clear plan and strategy for investment in various domains and categories like Educational & Training and Consultancy, Though, these fields are well known for the university and its keen on it and has a long history and experience in it that is why we decided to concentrate on it

The number of new educational programs and the number of students enrolled have increased that lead to the establishment of the Faculty of Distance Learning and development and extension of the Faculty of Technological & Developmental Studies in addition to degrees offered in graduate studies.

The establishment of the Advanced Staff training & promotion center and we called for all University Faculties, Institutes and Centers to increase its training vessels.

The challenging and successful project which initiated the achievements of the the department of Investment was the inauguration of the University of Khartoum Consultancy Corporation (UKCC) which still working and developing to become one of the salient and professional Consultancy firms in the Sudan and has a both local and regional reputation and successfully studied and executed many important and promising development projects in the different parts of the Sudan.

The are pilot-projects have been approved and started in the medical, agricultural, veterinary, animal and forestry domains which aim to produce products & services to the area around and the local market to assist the staff and generate resources to the university in general, these projects are subject to enlargement in the future to be a giant projects.

The investment in property and trust of the university in real state and tourism purposes also are included as the University owns considerable large areas inside and outside Khartoum, now there are panel of experts from the staff and business figures study and design various and suitable promising projects in these domains.